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Estate Planning


Properly preparing your estate plan is critical to ensure that you have control as to how your estate will be handled (whether and to the extent it is provided to your loved ones, desired charities, etc.). Oftentimes, if an individual neglects to carefully establish an estate plan, disputes between the loved ones of the individual could arise as to how the estate should be divided (if the individual passes away) or how the individual should be cared for (if the individual becomes incapacitated or disabled). Unfortunately, probate and guardianship proceedings could bring out the worst in people. Careful planning from the Tomberg Law Firm will help to prevent these disputes and allow you to make the tough decisions so that your loved ones and/or the courts will not have to.

For estates that could be affected by the estate tax, gift tax or generation-skipping tax, the Tomberg Law Firm will draft your estate plan to maximize your tax savings and mitigate/eliminate these potential taxes to ensure that your loved ones/charities will receive the assets in your estate—not the government.  These taxes could take a substantial portion of your estate. The Tomberg Law Firm will utilize the proper estate planning techniques (through a variety of will provisions, trusts, gifts, family limited partnerships, etc.) to minimize your tax burden while at the same time establishing your desired disposition of your estate.


The Tomberg Law Firm can assist you in all aspects of probate, whether the probate matter is contested or uncontested.  Additionally, we can assist executors of estates in the preparation of estate tax returns with the IRS.